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47cc Mini Bikes

Our 47cc Mini Bikes are in a League of their Own

At MiniPocketRockets, all of our 47cc mini bikes are simply built to last longer and go faster that any other 47cc mini bike on the road. If that's not enough reason to get your 47cc mini bikes from us, there is so much more to these than meets the eye.

The Cagllari Daytona Pocket Bike

These Cagllari Daytona pocket bikes are the best bang for your buck. Outperforming much more expensive pocket bikes, the 47cc mini bikes feature durable alloy construction and a high output 2-stroke gas motor.
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The GP MX3 Pocket Bike

Featuring a 4-Stroke Engine, the Grand Prix MX3 mini bike is the ultimate replica of its bigger GP motorcycle sibling. Along with its high output 47cc engine, the MX3 pocket bike also features a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tubular racing frame, full fairings with available battle stripes, dual fenders and a redesigned aerodynamic profile.
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The Blade 49R

Now with a 4-Stroke Engine, racing and riding on tight track conditions is the Blade's specialty. Built on a proven racing frame and longer wheelbase, the Blade was designed for fierce handling on tracks and roads other racing mini bikes could barely handle.
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The Raptor

The Raptor mini motorcycle was designed to dominate all racetracks. Its unique swing-arm frame is TIG welded for maximum strength and stiffness, while its alloy construction keeps the unit light in weight.
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The GP RS-R Pocket Bike

This mini motorcycle is the next evolution in pocket bikes. While maintaining the size and weight of a mini pocket bike, the GP RS-R offers a multitude of features found only on larger mini motorcycles. Just take a look at its low aggressive profile. The GP RS-R now comes with a 4-Stroke Engine.
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All our 47cc mini bikes come fully assembled and include everything you need to start riding immediately including an affordable starting price. In fact, we offer two 47cc mini bikes for less than $200. But don't let price be your only factor. When it comes to selecting a 47cc mini bike, sometimes is best to let your heart decide.

Don’t Let their Mini Size Fool You

Our 47cc mini bikes flat out perform. Even though you could cradle one of these in your arms, these guys were built for speed. However, when it comes to making a purchase decision, remember not all companies are the same. There are simply too many people selling junk out there. Instead go with a company you can trust - MiniPocketRockets. We been selling 47cc mini bikes for over eight years online and have sold hundreds of thousands of these products to enthusiasts just like you.

What's more, you can fully customize all of our 47cc mini bikes to suit your unique taste and style. Each 47cc mini bike is shipped with stickers so you can personalize the look of your new 47cc mini bike right away.

To truly customize you new 47cc mini bike, you can add in one of our performance packages and eye-catching accessories to standout even farther from the crowd. Safety gear should also be worn when riding your new 47cc mini bike. MiniPocketRockets sells all the standard safety gear you'll need to be safe on the road.

Fast Shipping! Faster Mini Bike!

All our 47cc mini bike orders will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days, so you can enjoy the experience of riding a quality 47cc mini bike within days of your transaction. Our 47cc pocket bikes are moving quickly so hurry up and get yours today.

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